So my frustration is at an all time high right now. I just completed the game with a Live Broadcast on Youtube and for some reason only 24 secs of it was sent. I had everything going and it just didn’t send.

Anyway about the game. I had a lot of fun with it and the result of it was a Marginal Victory by the British the Final score was 88-76. The British recaptured Montreal and attacked Fort Western eliminated the posted troops, but because of the roll they could not advance into and take control of the fort. They needed anything but a 1. So, what did they roll. they rolled a 1.

The only issue I came up with was that the heroism markers were extremely powerful and in some cases over powerful. Because it was a victory point achievement game there was also some gamy features to it, but what game is perfect. I do recommend this game for anyone that has an interest in the time period. It is a little known campaign, but could have been huge for the continentals if the approach would have been completed the way it should have been.