Yesterday I got to get together with some great people and played board games. I only got two games, but they were wonderful games. The first game was XIA: Legends of a Drift System (pictured below).


This game is really fun. I did absolutely horrible, but I had a lot of fun being horrible at it. The goal of the game is to gain fame point by doing different missions, attacking the NPC’s, and other things. I gained one fame point. I just couldn’t get started, but again I had a great time and want to play it again. If anything just to do better.

The second game I played was one I brought, Mare Nostrum by Academy Games. After just this one play I absolutely love it (Picture below).DSC_0020

I choose to be Carthage and had fun playing this. Again I did not win, but it wasn’t for trying. I was getting close to winning but Egypt was able to recruit their last hero and I was one resource short to building the Pyramids and winning the game. I recommend this game. It looks complicated but is really quite simple.

For my next video project I think I have decided on doing Victory Point Games’s Operation Barbarossa. It is a solitaire game where you are the Germans and are trying to concur Russia and actually finish the objective unlike what really happened.

Have a great day and keep studying your history.