I haven’t reviewed this game yet and it doesn’t fit with the War Gaming Theme that I have on this Blog, but I am a solo board gamer and this game is AWESOME. It has theme, suspense,  and a want to play it again.

You play a hostage negotiator trying to rescue hostages for several different situation. You have to rescue the hostages and capture or eliminate the terrorist. There are several demands including a major demand plus and escape demand. You can use these to help release hostages, but the main way to get hostages out is to use your conversion cards which you have to buy. The currency is conversation points. You earn those by playing cards and rolling dice to see if you have success talking to the Hostage taker. There are also consequences if you fail.

I got to play two games on Labor day. The game plays very quickly and you can get multiple plays in one sitting. I chose Donna as my hostage taker. She is a college professor. You start out with 12 Hostages with the possibility of adding more. To keep the game moving and to put a timer on the game there is a terror deck. The deck make things harder and ends on a pivotal event on round 11. My game ended on the 11th card and I was only able to save 4 hostages with 6 being killed and Donna getting away.

As my daughter would say it was an “Epic Fail!”
I give this game a 10/10. I do rate my games pretty high, but I really want to play this game quickly after I play it.

Here is the BGG Link: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/134253/hostage-negotiator