So my next video project is going to be The Barbarossa Campaign by Victory Point Games. I have been looking at this game since I restarted playing board games and finding out there are many solitaire games. I have now played the first turn and posted it on Youtube and BGG. What I want to do with this post is just make a few comments not on the gameplay, but of on the Components and rules.

First the components. They are okay. There are no issues with the printing, all the information can be seen on each of the counters. They are the die-cut counter and my counters seem to be slightly off. it looks like the die had to make two cuts and the sheet was moved ever so slightly. Again, this did not cause a problem with the gameplay, it just made the counters, not so clean cut.

The maps are wonderful all the information you could want is right there for you. The Axis information is all on the German side of the map and the Soviet information is on that side of the map. Some might think the map is a little busy because of a large amount of information on the Map. I like it and it is extremely functional.

Let’s take a look at the rules. They are in a great format for this game. There is a turn sequence and the rules follow that turn sequence. My only real issue and it could just be me reading to quickly, but I couldn’t find how a few things happened. The one item that took me the longest was the partisans. When do they get played? I realized after looking through the event cards it was on the event cards themselves. Just a quick note would have saved me some time.

After the first turn, I can see that this will be a game that I am going to love. It is different from most war games because it uses a front mechanic instead of unit vs unit mechanic. I explain in my first video. If this game interests you please watch my video playthrough. I will be doing a full playthrough of the game. Hopefully, my phone will record it all and not have an issue with the end game.