Last night I finally got to play this against another human. I used an open source program called vassal that allows people to play board games over the internet with the actual game, just in digital format. I am in a guild on Board Game Geek (BGG) called Advance After Combat (AAC) were like minded wargamers can meet up and play from all over the world. You post on the guild’s forum what you’re interested in playing and somebody responses. If you even slightly interested in Board Games go to Now onto the game.

In this game, you play one if two sides. The US and the Jihadists. Note in the solo game you always play as the US (This is the way I have on played it). Ben, the other player had only played it once. We were on a pretty even playing field. Neither of us had any preference on which side we played. He rolled a die and we determined he would play the US and I would be the Jihadists.

The game is driven by your hand of cards. Each card has either an event or you can use it for operations. Each side has certain operations or actions they can complete with these operation points. The actions are specific to each cause. This is a very brief summary of the rules. If you are further interested go to GMT Games Labyrinth page.

So the game was definitely back are forth the entire night. being the jihadist all I needed to do was survive and make sure Ben didn’t get and countries to Good Governance. He starts by going after a regime change in Afganistan which was successful but it only changed from Islamist rule (the status where I needed it at) to poor governance. This was okay for me as long as he wasn’t able to increase the governance all the way to good. My goal was to keep him from totally completing the regime change and to maybe pull a couple of major jihads to convert some  over to Islamist rule.

For almost the entire game I kept the regime change at bay by putting out terror plots and getting cells into the US and Europe which he needed to remove. this kept him from working on Afghanistan. On the last turn, he was finally able to complete the regime change and to add insult to injury he was able to change Turkey from fair governance to good governance giving him 3 good to my 0 Islamist rule.

If you don’t achieve an instant victory the victory condition for the US is they must have twice as many Good compared to Islamist Rule. I maybe only a history teacher but I knew 3 is more than twice of 0. Before is a picture of the final turn on the board.