This was my first Play of this States of Seige game. Here is my session Report.

The end of the blue deck things are looking very good. Piedmont is at 4, Austria, Prussia, and Vendee are also at 4. Britain is in the 3 location. The political track is looking good as well. Monarchy is at -1, The republic is at 4. The real issue is Despotism is also at 4. I have one liberation marker on the Austrian Front at 3. Moving forward with the white deck.
Picture of the end of the Blue deck

The end of the white deck all the fronts are closing in. I had several enter Paris, but “To the Barricades” saved me in expelling the forces out. Current Situation Piedmont is at 2 Austria, Prussia, and Britain are at 3 and Vendee is at 4. Political tracks are as follow Monarchy 3, Despotism 2, and Republic 4. The 3 liberation marker is on the 2 Prussian track. On to the final (Red) deck.
Picture of the end of the White Deck

Did not finish the Red Deck. Both Austria and Prussia entered into Paris with 5 cards left. due to the -DRMs I had to roll 6s to expel these forces out of Paris. With “To the Barricades” and 4 Actions from the card I thought I had a chance. I did not roll a single 6 and the game ended.
Picture of the end of the Game

Final Score -43 Substantive Defeat