Last night, the war on terror started anew. I met up (online) with a friend that I have been playing this game with over the past couple of months. We have now played the base game once and the expansion twice. We decided to take our game to the next level and decided to play a campaign. The campaign consists of one playthrough of the original game deck then followed by a playthrough of the expansion deck. There were only a few variations of the rules for the base game. One suggested rule is that even if either player gets an instant win condition you can choose finish playing the game (This will be important).

The game started off extremely event full. Afganistan changed regimes in the first turn thanks to the US. As the Jihadist’s I knew what I had to do. My focus was causing havoc in the Middle East, but my true focus was on convert North Africa to Islamist Rule (IR). I was eventually able to convert Egypt, Sudan, and Libya to IR. But the US player was not only able to convert out of IR but quickly changed them to Good governance. Due to this, he achieved his instant win Condition. We decided that we would finish the game to complete the war. I do have some ideas of what to do moving forward. I will let you how things go when we complete the campaign.



Here is current game situation.