I had finished Operation Barbarossa back in November. I total got my ass handed to me in the game, which is the way solitaire games should go. You should never win on the first try, because if you did then maybe the game is too easy. I did like the game very much and by the end of the game I was flowing through the turns. I choose not to finish recording it because I just didn’t have the quiet time I needed to complete. I was completing the turns in between life, which means while the kids are playing on their own, but I may be needed and any moments notice. Anyway, I did like the game and I am looking forward to bring it out again. Just gotta get through some other games that I have recently received because of preorders.

My next gaming project is Washington’s Crossing by Revolution Games.


I have read the rule book and I now have it setup and ready to play.


Washington’s Location at the beginning of the game (Above)

Prepared for the first turn and to surprise the Hessians Dec 26, 1776 (Below)



Initial Starting troops for the US* (Above) and the British (Below)

*Yes, we were the United States because this battle happened after the Declaration of Independence, which states “That these united Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States”.