Weather is fair

Dickinson decides that since it is fair weather he would go for a raid on his future target of Trenton. He knew the Hessian troops would still celebrating Christmas and maybe even lessen the strength for tomorrow morning’s attack. He was successful in removing 20 troops dropping Rall’s strength down to 1230 and adding an additional fatigue.

Washington activated Generals St. Clair, Lord Stirling, Fermoy, Glover, and Sargent.


Both Glover and Lord Stirling made it across the Delaware River @Johnson’s and Mconkey’s ferries. Stephen was activated as well and crossed the Delaware and moved towards Trenton and the unsuspecting Hessians. Mercer was activated and crossed at Howell’s and Yardley’s ferries. Mercer also moved towards Trenton, but made sure not to get too close to alert the Hessians.


The Americans are now starting to make their move towards Trenton to start The Winter Campaign of 1776-1777