Kev Sharp and I continue our game of Carthage. We finished the first turn which was shortened (due to scenario rules) and we completed what I like to call the organizational phases. Basically The Upgrade Phase and the Strategic Decision Phase. Getting through the Strategic Decision Phase the first time did take some time, but it looks as though we did it correctly and I know it will get quicker over time.

As for the gameplay, Carthage (Me) did lose control of Syracuse because the Romans (Kev) was able to move units into the city and I was not able to reseige it by the end of the turn. So this means that not only did I loose Syracuse, but I lost the control of Heiro (Bloody traitor) and the Syracusan Army. So now, not only do I have to face the Romans, but I will have to face the Syracusan Army as well.


Some positives for Carthage was that they successfully completed a raid on Terian and was able to build a third army that is in Carthage awaiting deployment to Sicilia and to start of retaking of Messana.