I had Kickstarted and received it awhile back. What caught my attention was the solo play and the actual size of it. It is contained in a standard size poker box (Maybe a little thicker but not by much). The components are fabulous. The cards are a good thickness and quality and the cubes, well they are just cubes but good quality. Now to the gameplay.

The rules are easy to read and learn, plus there are several how to play videos on the web. If you learn by watching you can pick this game up very easy. It is a matter of selecting an action as the active player. Then the other players can either to the action as well or they can collect resources. The resources are the currency and how you ultimately win the game. To win the game you have to have more victory points than the other players. The game ends when one play achieves one of three conditions.

Tonight’s session was strictly a learning game and early indications are positive. The dummy player truly feels like I am actually someone. Although the actions are randomly selected they seem to go right where you don’t want them to go. Also, the player progresses itself as well as goes against your moves. My first game ended with a loss when the AI placed its last army. The AI scored 15 points and I scored 7 points. The two factions that play were Humans by me and Dark Elves as the AI.

Here are some pictures of the gameplay.