Continued another epic turn of Carthage with the Big Board Kev Sharp. The year is 261 and as Carthage, I knew I had to make a move and fast or the sieges he had in place were going to a death of a thousand paper cuts (as described by my opponent).  I moved the first Army out of Lilybeaum and started moving my troop to the Italian Peninsula. On the way there they were scattered and had to stop their movement. Luckily they were able to come back together and make their way to Tarentum to start a siege.

Carthage Siege of Tarentum 261

While the 1st Army was scattered, Rome continued their sieges and the attrition ended up being about even. Rome did try to assault Lilybeaum, but was unsuccessful and took losses. Once the siege of Tarentum started, Rome needed to move troops to attack the besieging Carthage troops. Mr. Big Board ended his siege of Massilia (He knew it wasn’t going anywhere anyway) and brought them down to attack. The problem was he brought probably the worst Roman leader he could, Claudius. He knew the attack was going to fail, but he hoped to cause some casualties to the Carthaginians. What he didn’t account for was Hanno Hamil’s tactical ability far out measured Claudius’s.    Cladius attacks Hanno Hamil

The Attack resulted in the III consular army taking 30% losses and becoming useless. It also ended the life of a Roman General. (This strategically was a good thing because this leader was so bad. By killing him Carthage removed him from the leader pool permanently.)

Cladius attacks Hanno Hamil result

Because the Army lost so bad Rome was forced to move troops up from Rhegium to help the useless troops.

reinforce the the troops

All in all, this was a very good year for Carthage, but the road is long, but it ends in the burning of Rome.