Nick from the Advance After Combat guild and I started the campaign game in Stonewall Jackson’s Way II: Battles of Bull Run. The particular campaign we started is called “From The Rapidan to Manassas”. Based on die roll Nick will be playing the Union and I will be playing the Confederates. Here is how our first session went.

The Union started by securing Culpepper and setting up a defense to protect from losing it as it is an objective for the Rebels. Jacksons Corps started by crossing at the Rapidan Station and moving north to Culpeper.

Jackson moving north across @ Rapidan Station

While Longstreet moved east.

Longstreet moving East

During this time scouts were reporting back to the Union the movement of the confederate forces. The Union was hoping to get more information from the locals but learned which side the locals truly really were on. Due to information not being complete the union just shadowed the Confederates and setup forces to block or at least delay Longstreet’s corps from crossing the Rapidan River. At the end of Aug 20 the forces and set up camp for the night not knowing what the next day will bring.

Early the next morning, F. Lee Cav with a strength of 2 met up with Burford Cavalry. It was just and small skirmish with very few casualties and no real loss of life. It did cause some disorganization on the Rebels and fatigued most both sides. The locals in the area like to call it the Battle of Summerduck Run.

Battle of Summerduck Run

While both Jackson’s and Longstreet’s Corp were moving Anderson’s Division of Longstreet’s Corp moved north, west of the Union Forces and attempted to take Culpeper while unguarded. Currently, the Union troops were out trying to stop or delay Jackson’s Corp, which they were successful doing. Fortunately for the Union, it was caught in time and King’s Division of the Third corp was able to fortify the town for now.Seeing that Culpeper was not going to an easy target Anderson has decided to continue his move north trying to confusing the Union generals.King Fortifing Culpeper







The major action occurred at Germanna Ford. Longstreet with AP Hill’s division was sent to clear Reno with Ferrero Division off of Germanna Ford. The fighting was fierce and went back and forth, but in the end, it was Reno that was successful causing 2 strength points loss and Hill’s division to become disorganized. Fearing another loss Longstreet held the position he is in and will consider his options.Longstreet Reno @ Germanna ford

To Be Continued: