The First Punic War continued Thursday night go into 254 BC. The year started alright for the Carthaginians. They had a successful naval battle against the Romans just north of Messana with the Romans losing a quarter of their ships. One down was that the Carthaginian leader Han Gisgo was wounded and an emergency leader replaced him.254 naval battle

This was the only positive thing that happened to the Carthaginians all year. The Romans then decided to siege assault the City of Agrigentum. They had overwhelming forces and totally annihilated the Carthaginian defenders. Romans in their bloody conquest also sacked the city of Agrigentum.

Successful seige assualt on Agrigentum

To add insult to injury the Romans next siege the port town of Caralis in Sardinia. This siege was completely successful due to the attrition of the siege. Carthage has now lost Agrigentum and control of Sardinia (very historical).

siege attrition of Caralis

Lilybaum is still under siege and has requested help from Cartage to hold the Romans off. The city is strong and will be able to last for quite some time. Will Carthage send troops in time? That is still a question that needs to be answered.

Carthage 254 end

Current situation at year end 254BC