I have decided that I am going to start a project using the game Elder Sign by Fantasy Flight Games. I have been becoming engrossed with the H.P. Lovecraft Mythos. After reading several of his works I have decided to create a story line using this game as my muse and just to see where things take me. One thing I love about the Arkham Files games by Fantasy Flight is the story they tell. It is a key aspect of the game.

I am going to use a Campaign Challenge created on BGG. Here is a link to the Campaign Challenge. I will be using 4 of the expansions that are available for the game. These are not necessary but I love all the extras they add. The Expansions are as follow Unseen Forces, Gates of Arkham, Grave Consequences, and Omen of the Deep. The basis of the campaign is 16 investigators go after and defeat 8 Ancient Ones. There are more details on the gameplay, but as I am going for the story they are not of consequence at this time. If you are interested please follow the link above. The story will end when either all the investigators die (Epic fail) or every ancient one is defeated (Victory).