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Clash of Giants: Civil War: Gettysburg

Last night Braxton and I continued our Game of Clash of Giants II: Civil War: Battle of Gettysburg. We completed the first four turns in our first session. Last night we complete the night turn and this is the situation”
End of july 1st turn 5

At the beginning of turn 6, the union received the 12th and 3rd Corp and the confederates received a delayed reinforcement of Mclaws. Turn six saw an attack on the 1st corp Union by some of Pender’s and RHAnderson’s Division.

Start of Attack
Attack on the First corp

After Attacks
Attack on the First corp ends

In the end, the attacks did weaken the 1st corp, but it also weakened the Confederates as well. Later in the turn, the 11th corp came to help support the 1st corp and cause some damage as well.

Here are the results of the 11th corp attacks:
11th corp attacks end

Here is the situation at the end of turn 6th:
end of turn 6 July 2nd

Turn 7 continued with some small reinforcements. Both the Union and the Confederates took time to get their units in line and ready to attack and defend.

Here is the situation before the Confederate attacks:
Beginning of Confederate attacks turn 7

Here is the situation after the attacks:
End of Confederate attacks turn 7

Due to the limited success of the Confederates, the Union only made a few small attacks.
Here is the situation at the end of turn 7:
end of turn 7 July 2nd

Victory Points are as follows:
Union (Tony) 19
Rebels (Braxton) 17


Stonewall Jackson’s Way II

Nick from the Advance After Combat guild and I started the campaign game in Stonewall Jackson’s Way II: Battles of Bull Run. The particular campaign we started is called “From The Rapidan to Manassas”. Based on die roll Nick will be playing the Union and I will be playing the Confederates. Here is how our first session went.

The Union started by securing Culpepper and setting up a defense to protect from losing it as it is an objective for the Rebels. Jacksons Corps started by crossing at the Rapidan Station and moving north to Culpeper.

Jackson moving north across @ Rapidan Station

While Longstreet moved east.

Longstreet moving East

During this time scouts were reporting back to the Union the movement of the confederate forces. The Union was hoping to get more information from the locals but learned which side the locals truly really were on. Due to information not being complete the union just shadowed the Confederates and setup forces to block or at least delay Longstreet’s corps from crossing the Rapidan River. At the end of Aug 20 the forces and set up camp for the night not knowing what the next day will bring.

Early the next morning, F. Lee Cav with a strength of 2 met up with Burford Cavalry. It was just and small skirmish with very few casualties and no real loss of life. It did cause some disorganization on the Rebels and fatigued most both sides. The locals in the area like to call it the Battle of Summerduck Run.

Battle of Summerduck Run

While both Jackson’s and Longstreet’s Corp were moving Anderson’s Division of Longstreet’s Corp moved north, west of the Union Forces and attempted to take Culpeper while unguarded. Currently, the Union troops were out trying to stop or delay Jackson’s Corp, which they were successful doing. Fortunately for the Union, it was caught in time and King’s Division of the Third corp was able to fortify the town for now.Seeing that Culpeper was not going to an easy target Anderson has decided to continue his move north trying to confusing the Union generals.King Fortifing Culpeper







The major action occurred at Germanna Ford. Longstreet with AP Hill’s division was sent to clear Reno with Ferrero Division off of Germanna Ford. The fighting was fierce and went back and forth, but in the end, it was Reno that was successful causing 2 strength points loss and Hill’s division to become disorganized. Fearing another loss Longstreet held the position he is in and will consider his options.Longstreet Reno @ Germanna ford

To Be Continued:

Carthage: The First Punic Wars

Continued another epic turn of Carthage with the Big Board Kev Sharp. The year is 261 and as Carthage, I knew I had to make a move and fast or the sieges he had in place were going to a death of a thousand paper cuts (as described by my opponent).  I moved the first Army out of Lilybeaum and started moving my troop to the Italian Peninsula. On the way there they were scattered and had to stop their movement. Luckily they were able to come back together and make their way to Tarentum to start a siege.

Carthage Siege of Tarentum 261

While the 1st Army was scattered, Rome continued their sieges and the attrition ended up being about even. Rome did try to assault Lilybeaum, but was unsuccessful and took losses. Once the siege of Tarentum started, Rome needed to move troops to attack the besieging Carthage troops. Mr. Big Board ended his siege of Massilia (He knew it wasn’t going anywhere anyway) and brought them down to attack. The problem was he brought probably the worst Roman leader he could, Claudius. He knew the attack was going to fail, but he hoped to cause some casualties to the Carthaginians. What he didn’t account for was Hanno Hamil’s tactical ability far out measured Claudius’s.    Cladius attacks Hanno Hamil

The Attack resulted in the III consular army taking 30% losses and becoming useless. It also ended the life of a Roman General. (This strategically was a good thing because this leader was so bad. By killing him Carthage removed him from the leader pool permanently.)

Cladius attacks Hanno Hamil result

Because the Army lost so bad Rome was forced to move troops up from Rhegium to help the useless troops.

reinforce the the troops

All in all, this was a very good year for Carthage, but the road is long, but it ends in the burning of Rome.

Ultra Tiny Epic Kingdoms

I had Kickstarted and received it awhile back. What caught my attention was the solo play and the actual size of it. It is contained in a standard size poker box (Maybe a little thicker but not by much). The components are fabulous. The cards are a good thickness and quality and the cubes, well they are just cubes but good quality. Now to the gameplay.

The rules are easy to read and learn, plus there are several how to play videos on the web. If you learn by watching you can pick this game up very easy. It is a matter of selecting an action as the active player. Then the other players can either to the action as well or they can collect resources. The resources are the currency and how you ultimately win the game. To win the game you have to have more victory points than the other players. The game ends when one play achieves one of three conditions.

Tonight’s session was strictly a learning game and early indications are positive. The dummy player truly feels like I am actually someone. Although the actions are randomly selected they seem to go right where you don’t want them to go. Also, the player progresses itself as well as goes against your moves. My first game ended with a loss when the AI placed its last army. The AI scored 15 points and I scored 7 points. The two factions that play were Humans by me and Dark Elves as the AI.

Here are some pictures of the gameplay.


1st Punic War Continues

Kev Sharp and I continue our game of Carthage. We finished the first turn which was shortened (due to scenario rules) and we completed what I like to call the organizational phases. Basically The Upgrade Phase and the Strategic Decision Phase. Getting through the Strategic Decision Phase the first time did take some time, but it looks as though we did it correctly and I know it will get quicker over time.

As for the gameplay, Carthage (Me) did lose control of Syracuse because the Romans (Kev) was able to move units into the city and I was not able to reseige it by the end of the turn. So this means that not only did I loose Syracuse, but I lost the control of Heiro (Bloody traitor) and the Syracusan Army. So now, not only do I have to face the Romans, but I will have to face the Syracusan Army as well.


Some positives for Carthage was that they successfully completed a raid on Terian and was able to build a third army that is in Carthage awaiting deployment to Sicilia and to start of retaking of Messana.



December 26th 5 PM Turn

Weather is fair

Dickinson decides that since it is fair weather he would go for a raid on his future target of Trenton. He knew the Hessian troops would still celebrating Christmas and maybe even lessen the strength for tomorrow morning’s attack. He was successful in removing 20 troops dropping Rall’s strength down to 1230 and adding an additional fatigue.

Washington activated Generals St. Clair, Lord Stirling, Fermoy, Glover, and Sargent.


Both Glover and Lord Stirling made it across the Delaware River @Johnson’s and Mconkey’s ferries. Stephen was activated as well and crossed the Delaware and moved towards Trenton and the unsuspecting Hessians. Mercer was activated and crossed at Howell’s and Yardley’s ferries. Mercer also moved towards Trenton, but made sure not to get too close to alert the Hessians.


The Americans are now starting to make their move towards Trenton to start The Winter Campaign of 1776-1777

Railways of the World


Today I was able to get together with some friends and play a game that received as a Christmas present (Not me). Railways of the world was a reimplementation of several other train games. It is streamed lined and the rule book is only 4-5 pages long. It has a tile lying, bidding, and delivery mechanics. The game is extreme interactive and seems that it could get cutthroat, but the board is huge. There is plenty of areas to play and expand. The board that comes with it is only the eastern half of the United States and you and purchase the western half as an expansion. (A goal that the owner has and I will gladly play when he does get it. Although our game of 5 players lasted about 4 hours and I could see adding more time with the expanded larger map.)  I really enjoyed playing the game and there is little downtime between your turns. This will definitely be rated a 9 out of 10.

Below is a picture of the mid-game board. BGG Page


Gaming Update 12/22/2016

I had finished Operation Barbarossa back in November. I total got my ass handed to me in the game, which is the way solitaire games should go. You should never win on the first try, because if you did then maybe the game is too easy. I did like the game very much and by the end of the game I was flowing through the turns. I choose not to finish recording it because I just didn’t have the quiet time I needed to complete. I was completing the turns in between life, which means while the kids are playing on their own, but I may be needed and any moments notice. Anyway, I did like the game and I am looking forward to bring it out again. Just gotta get through some other games that I have recently received because of preorders.

My next gaming project is Washington’s Crossing by Revolution Games.


I have read the rule book and I now have it setup and ready to play.


Washington’s Location at the beginning of the game (Above)

Prepared for the first turn and to surprise the Hessians Dec 26, 1776 (Below)



Initial Starting troops for the US* (Above) and the British (Below)

*Yes, we were the United States because this battle happened after the Declaration of Independence, which states “That these united Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States”.


Labyrinth: The War on Terror/The Awakening

Last night, the war on terror started anew. I met up (online) with a friend that I have been playing this game with over the past couple of months. We have now played the base game once and the expansion twice. We decided to take our game to the next level and decided to play a campaign. The campaign consists of one playthrough of the original game deck then followed by a playthrough of the expansion deck. There were only a few variations of the rules for the base game. One suggested rule is that even if either player gets an instant win condition you can choose finish playing the game (This will be important).

The game started off extremely event full. Afganistan changed regimes in the first turn thanks to the US. As the Jihadist’s I knew what I had to do. My focus was causing havoc in the Middle East, but my true focus was on convert North Africa to Islamist Rule (IR). I was eventually able to convert Egypt, Sudan, and Libya to IR. But the US player was not only able to convert out of IR but quickly changed them to Good governance. Due to this, he achieved his instant win Condition. We decided that we would finish the game to complete the war. I do have some ideas of what to do moving forward. I will let you how things go when we complete the campaign.



Here is current game situation.


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