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I have opened this blog to help me keep track of my gaming habit. What I have bought, played, and whether I like it or not. I do have a Youtube channel and enjoy post videos about my game plays. The only problem is that I have little time to dedicate to videoing those turns. My hope is that by being able to write up AAR’s for my games I will be able to play more and post more. I do hope to continue my videos, but this will give another forum to post my thoughts and game turn reviews.

What types of game are going to be on this Blog? My main goal is to post my wargame plays, but I do like to play all types of other games as well. I have a plan to play war games that my relatives fought in. The logo I have is of the 4th NY regiment. This regiment was established during the revolutionary war. My 5th great-grandfather came over from Scotland and fought in the 4th NY during the Revolutionary war.

Q: Why do wargames interest me?

A: I love history. I am a history teacher in middle school. I found that as a historian I learn so much more by pushing cardboard around. Also I do my research about a topic before a I play a game. I will post any books or articles that I read about the topic as well.

As I go through my game if you have any questions or comments please post them. I am also looking for recommendations for game to play as well. I hope you enjoy my blog.

Tony Kinner



Featured post

The Mighty Endeavor Turn 19

Turn 19
Clearing out the wetlands
Successful on my way to Rotterdam

Just had some Minor Skirmishes to clean up after successfully liberating Antwerp

Working on A Bridge to Far


French and British Fail there attack


End of Turn 19

The Mighty Endeavor turn 20

Used an emergency attack and my one carpet bombing to liberate Rotterdam

Best result possible D3r3. Only needed a D1 to be successful. Port will be avaible in 2 turns.

End of turn 20

The Mighty Endeavor Turn 18


Antwerp needs to be liberated. With it being almost surrounded, time was short for these defenders
Antwerp was liberated
After the battle the Germans clear out to move to protect the Fatherland


Metz is holding strong


The Germans continue its strong defense of Metz
The French and Americans attempt to take Strasbourg cutting off the Panzers to the south
They were successful
Attacking the Panzers across the Rhine
Successful attack
Metz counter-attack to keep the German troops in supply
Defender eliminated
Time to put some hurt on the French troops
Unfortunately the Panzers to big of a loss
Situation at the end of turn 18

The Mighty Endeavor Turn 17 16-31 Dec 44

Beginning of Turn 17 Axis has plenty of Reinforcments


Antwerp is standing strong, but losing some of its defensive strength


Finally a successful breaktrough
Positions after the Battle
Defense stands strong again
End of turn 17. The Axis is starting to create a major defensive line

The Mighty Endeavor Turn 16 Dec 1-15 ’44


With Lyon liberated The allies are finally able to move up the Rhine Valley


With the Defenders out of supply, it was time for the Allies to try and liberate Antwerp. The Defenders held strong and caused more damage on to the attackers.


It’s time to Attack another German stronghold. The result was a draw with the defenders taking an extra loss and maintaining their strong location.



Trying to cross the Rhine, but failed again.


It’s time to Defend the Reich!!!!!!

The Mighty Endeavor

Attack on the Rhine Crossing

The defenders stand strong and cause losses to the attacker.


The surrender of Lyon

I think it is time to defend the Reich

Carthage: The First Punic War Continues

The First Punic War continued Thursday night go into 254 BC. The year started alright for the Carthaginians. They had a successful naval battle against the Romans just north of Messana with the Romans losing a quarter of their ships. One down was that the Carthaginian leader Han Gisgo was wounded and an emergency leader replaced him.254 naval battle

This was the only positive thing that happened to the Carthaginians all year. The Romans then decided to siege assault the City of Agrigentum. They had overwhelming forces and totally annihilated the Carthaginian defenders. Romans in their bloody conquest also sacked the city of Agrigentum.

Successful seige assualt on Agrigentum

To add insult to injury the Romans next siege the port town of Caralis in Sardinia. This siege was completely successful due to the attrition of the siege. Carthage has now lost Agrigentum and control of Sardinia (very historical).

siege attrition of Caralis

Lilybaum is still under siege and has requested help from Cartage to hold the Romans off. The city is strong and will be able to last for quite some time. Will Carthage send troops in time? That is still a question that needs to be answered.

Carthage 254 end

Current situation at year end 254BC

Clash of Giants: Civil War: Gettysburg

Last night Braxton and I continued our Game of Clash of Giants II: Civil War: Battle of Gettysburg. We completed the first four turns in our first session. Last night we complete the night turn and this is the situation”
End of july 1st turn 5

At the beginning of turn 6, the union received the 12th and 3rd Corp and the confederates received a delayed reinforcement of Mclaws. Turn six saw an attack on the 1st corp Union by some of Pender’s and RHAnderson’s Division.

Start of Attack
Attack on the First corp

After Attacks
Attack on the First corp ends

In the end, the attacks did weaken the 1st corp, but it also weakened the Confederates as well. Later in the turn, the 11th corp came to help support the 1st corp and cause some damage as well.

Here are the results of the 11th corp attacks:
11th corp attacks end

Here is the situation at the end of turn 6th:
end of turn 6 July 2nd

Turn 7 continued with some small reinforcements. Both the Union and the Confederates took time to get their units in line and ready to attack and defend.

Here is the situation before the Confederate attacks:
Beginning of Confederate attacks turn 7

Here is the situation after the attacks:
End of Confederate attacks turn 7

Due to the limited success of the Confederates, the Union only made a few small attacks.
Here is the situation at the end of turn 7:
end of turn 7 July 2nd

Victory Points are as follows:
Union (Tony) 19
Rebels (Braxton) 17

Stonewall Jackson’s Way II

Nick from the Advance After Combat guild and I started the campaign game in Stonewall Jackson’s Way II: Battles of Bull Run. The particular campaign we started is called “From The Rapidan to Manassas”. Based on die roll Nick will be playing the Union and I will be playing the Confederates. Here is how our first session went.

The Union started by securing Culpepper and setting up a defense to protect from losing it as it is an objective for the Rebels. Jacksons Corps started by crossing at the Rapidan Station and moving north to Culpeper.

Jackson moving north across @ Rapidan Station

While Longstreet moved east.

Longstreet moving East

During this time scouts were reporting back to the Union the movement of the confederate forces. The Union was hoping to get more information from the locals but learned which side the locals truly really were on. Due to information not being complete the union just shadowed the Confederates and setup forces to block or at least delay Longstreet’s corps from crossing the Rapidan River. At the end of Aug 20 the forces and set up camp for the night not knowing what the next day will bring.

Early the next morning, F. Lee Cav with a strength of 2 met up with Burford Cavalry. It was just and small skirmish with very few casualties and no real loss of life. It did cause some disorganization on the Rebels and fatigued most both sides. The locals in the area like to call it the Battle of Summerduck Run.

Battle of Summerduck Run

While both Jackson’s and Longstreet’s Corp were moving Anderson’s Division of Longstreet’s Corp moved north, west of the Union Forces and attempted to take Culpeper while unguarded. Currently, the Union troops were out trying to stop or delay Jackson’s Corp, which they were successful doing. Fortunately for the Union, it was caught in time and King’s Division of the Third corp was able to fortify the town for now.Seeing that Culpeper was not going to an easy target Anderson has decided to continue his move north trying to confusing the Union generals.King Fortifing Culpeper







The major action occurred at Germanna Ford. Longstreet with AP Hill’s division was sent to clear Reno with Ferrero Division off of Germanna Ford. The fighting was fierce and went back and forth, but in the end, it was Reno that was successful causing 2 strength points loss and Hill’s division to become disorganized. Fearing another loss Longstreet held the position he is in and will consider his options.Longstreet Reno @ Germanna ford

To Be Continued:

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