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I have opened this blog to help me keep track of my gaming habit. What I have bought, played, and whether I like it or not. I do have a Youtube channel and enjoy post videos about my game plays. The only problem is that I have little time to dedicate to videoing those turns. My hope is that by being able to write up AAR’s for my games I will be able to play more and post more. I do hope to continue my videos, but this will give another forum to post my thoughts and game turn reviews.

What types of game are going to be on this Blog? My main goal is to post my wargame plays, but I do like to play all types of other games as well. I have a plan to play war games that my relatives fought in. The logo I have is of the 4th NY regiment. This regiment was established during the revolutionary war. My 5th great-grandfather came over from Scotland and fought in the 4th NY during the Revolutionary war.

Q: Why do wargames interest me?

A: I love history. I am a history teacher in middle school. I found that as a historian I learn so much more by pushing cardboard around. Also I do my research about a topic before a I play a game. I will post any books or articles that I read about the topic as well.

As I go through my game if you have any questions or comments please post them. I am also looking for recommendations for game to play as well. I hope you enjoy my blog.

Tony Kinner



Featured post

Reluctant Enemies

I continue my playthrough of Reluctant Enemies. It is June 24th, 1941 and the Common Wealth turn.


Reluctant Enemies June 19th turn

I have been learning the Operational Combat Series (OCS) by Multiman Publishing (MMP) for several months and thanks to Kev from who has been teaching me. I have been playing Reluctant Enemies solo to really get the feeling of the system and to just learn from mistakes. I just finished the June 19th turn and here are some of the battles that occurred during this turn.

To start out the Vichy had won the initiative and keep it to help build the defense up. The Commonwealth (CW) forces currently do not hold any of the victory point (VP) hexes and are making there way north.

The Vichy decided to attack a few CW forces that were trying to sneak around and aid in an attack on a VP Hex. The Vichy did send an air barrage and was able to Disorganize (DG) the CW unit.


Since the CW unit was DG it cut the combat strength in half and with the Vichy armor car doubled due to the open terrain. The odds ended up being 8:1 which moves to the 7:1 column. No surprise was obtained and a 7 was rolled with a +1 die roll modifier (DRM) equaling an 8. The result was the attacker could either lose 1 step (in this case a unit) or retreat 1 hex. The defender lost the unit and would have to retreat but there were no units left. Below is the result. The hex that was battles over was 28.15


This was the only battle for the Vichy and the CW would only have one battle as well. The CW forces needed to move up along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea they kept running into the Vichy and slowing them done. The CW forces finally built up enough forces to make a major attack. With the help of an Air barrage and possibly an Artillery barrage if the Air Barrage was not successful. The air barrage was successful and DG the Vichy forces.


The Vichy must have been surprised by a large number of troop because the CW forces obtained surprise and were able to shift the odds two columns in their favor. added to that the roll ended up being a ten +1 for troop quality. the attacker lost no units and was able to exploit the victory.  The Vichy lost a unit and was forced to retreat 2 Hexes.


Below are some of the fronts that are currently being fought at the end of June 19th.



OCS Reluctant Enemies

Starting to work my way through the OCS series. Here are some thoughts and updates on one of my first plays.


Three Day’s of Gettysburg

Last night a friend and I started our long awaited and anticipated play of the full battle of Gettysburg. This battle has been important to me as a historian and a person. After watching the movie Gettysburg over and over I started to see how important history is and how important it is to tell the stories of the past. When I was in my teens I visited the battlefield twice. First with my mom and I drug her all over the battlefield. This visit had a huge impact on me. The second time I took my best friend and also my wife who was my girlfriend at the time. These trips lead me to want to learn more about the American Civil War and also about history in general.

Now for the beginning of the play. I am playing the Union and my friend Braxton is playing the Confederates. I have one reason for choosing the Union, my great great grandfather fought in the battle in the 44th New York. (I will get that in later posts as that unit arrives on the board.)  Of course, the first contact was with Bufford Cavalry on the morning of July 1st, 1863. The first hour was getting our troops into the field. I decided to be a bit more aggressive and meet the Rebels farther west the Bufford did originally.

Three Days of GettysburgMap beginning of 0800 day 1 (2)


All I need is for Bufford’s cavalry to hold up while General Reynold’s get his corp up to the battle.

REinforcments 0800 day 1 (2)

All though Bufford’s Cavalry took some casualties they are doing there job in holding up those Rebels. They just need to hold long enough.

This is the position at the end of our gameplay last night.



The Mighty Endeavor Final Thoughts

I finished playing the game and here are my final thoughts about the game.

The Mighty Endeavor Final Thoughts

The Mighty Endeavor Turn 19

Turn 19
Clearing out the wetlands
Successful on my way to Rotterdam

Just had some Minor Skirmishes to clean up after successfully liberating Antwerp

Working on A Bridge to Far


French and British Fail there attack


End of Turn 19

The Mighty Endeavor turn 20

Used an emergency attack and my one carpet bombing to liberate Rotterdam

Best result possible D3r3. Only needed a D1 to be successful. Port will be avaible in 2 turns.

End of turn 20

The Mighty Endeavor Turn 18


Antwerp needs to be liberated. With it being almost surrounded, time was short for these defenders
Antwerp was liberated
After the battle the Germans clear out to move to protect the Fatherland


Metz is holding strong


The Germans continue its strong defense of Metz
The French and Americans attempt to take Strasbourg cutting off the Panzers to the south
They were successful
Attacking the Panzers across the Rhine
Successful attack
Metz counter-attack to keep the German troops in supply
Defender eliminated
Time to put some hurt on the French troops
Unfortunately the Panzers to big of a loss
Situation at the end of turn 18

The Mighty Endeavor Turn 17 16-31 Dec 44

Beginning of Turn 17 Axis has plenty of Reinforcments


Antwerp is standing strong, but losing some of its defensive strength


Finally a successful breaktrough
Positions after the Battle
Defense stands strong again
End of turn 17. The Axis is starting to create a major defensive line

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